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The Russian National Research Center of Surgery
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Resection of trachea and larynx in multiple neuroendocrine tumors (tipical carcinoids).

Bazarov D.V., Abdumuradov K.O., Logacheva G.I., Bogov A.A.

Tracheoesophageal fistula resection and repair.

Bazarov D.V., Abdumuradov K.O., Bogov A.A.

Thoracoscopic mediastinal cyst removal (pericardial cyst).

Grigorchuk A.Yu., Bazarov D.V.

Pericardial cyst originated from pericard above arch of aorta. Cyst lied closely to hemiazygos vien, right and left brachiocephalic viens, brachiocephalic artery.

Thyroidectomy, resection of trachea and manubrium in case of thyroid cancer with tracheal invasion, manubrium and lung metastases.

Bazarov D.V., Pechetov A.A.(thoracomioplasty), Grigorchuk A.Yu.

Papillary thyroid cancer with invasion into neck and thoracic trachea, left recurrent nerve T4bN1bM1. Metastasis in manubrium sterni. Miliary metastases in lungs. . Malignant...

Removal of recurrent tumor of trachea in female 88yo.

Grigorchuk A.Yu., Bazarov D.V., Boranov E.V.

Thoracoscopic removal of recurrent apical thoracic schwannoma

Bazarov D.V., Grigorchuk A.Yu., Abdumuradov K.O.

Thoracoscopic subtotal parietal pleurectomy

Bazarov D.V., Hetagurov M.A., Logacheva G.I., Bogov A.A.

Combined left pneumonectomy with on-pump resection of descending aorta

Bazarov D.V., Charchyan E.R., Grigorchuk A.Yu., Volkov A.A., Boranov E.V.


Chest wall tumor removal with resection of X-XII ribs and diaphragm

Grigorchuk A.Yu., Bazarov D.V., Boranov E.V.

Female 57 yo. Left hemicolectomy with splenectomy and pancreatic tail resection in 2012 due to colon adenocarcinoma T4N0M0. 3 cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy in 2012. The patient had notised pain...

Segmental resection of cervical trachea (2013)

Bazarov D.V., Abdumuradov K.O., Bogov A.A.

3D-thoracoscopic left lower lobectomy.

Bazarov D.V., Grigorchuk A.Yu., Boranov E.V.

Open right upper lobectomy with lymph node dissection.

Bazarov D.V., Abdumuradov K.O., Boranov E.V.

Left pneumonectomy with resection and plasty of pulmonary artery trunk.

Bazarov D.V., Charchyan E.R., Abdumuradov K.O., Volkov A.A.

Removal of germ cell tumor with atrium invasion.

Bazarov D.V., Belov Yu.V., Grigorchuk A.Yu., Volkov A.A., Boranov E.V.


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